The Slingers: Christian Boffa

The Slingers are childhood sweethearts who have been together since primary school. Their rise to the stage, according to band member and Melbourne Law student Christian Boffa, ‘is very much a fairy-tale’.

The band’s experience is a classic coming-of-age story of music, romance, and ultimately, murder and betrayal. The murder and betrayal is yet to occur, so Christian urges all listeners to enjoy the music and romance for now. 

The group aims to create rock music, with David Bowie and Steve Buscemi as their biggest creative influencers, both of whom they have entreated to join the band. But alas, to no avail. 

Their biggest achievement was playing to Open Borders, a showcase of local artists at the Yorkshire Hotel to raise money for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. Friends of the band, Sophie Baring & Co, tirelessly organise the event each year and raise a formidable amount of money to provide legal aid to asylum seekers. Asides from being an incredible party, it was also for a good cause.

For Christian, the law and music enjoy a symbiotic existence in his life – one informs the other. Throughout his studies, he finds himself asking:

– ‘Hey, why don’t we put this legislation to music?’

– ‘Why doesn’t it rhyme?

– ‘Perhaps difficult verdicts would be easier to hand down if the judges were to simply sing them?’

Christian says he is a dreamer and an innovator, and that these are questions he desperately wants answered.

As for music, the law has often moulded Christian’s songwriting. For example, his song ‘Different Oceans’ was originally penned by him as a tribute to International Maritime Law, a doctrine for which he has profound respect. ‘One More Day’, on the other hand, offers a heartfelt lament, directed towards the framers of the Limitations Act 1969 (NSW).

The Slingers can be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

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