Fight for the Minimum Wage

By Jacob Kairouz There is no doubt that the Fair Work Commission’s decision on 23 February to cut penalty rates will cause hardship to students all over the country. However, there is a more pressing problem with our industrial relations model that is not receiving enough attention. Underpayment of award rates has become so commonplace […]


Law Camp Report

By Crista Gekas I realise that in writing this article, I am breaking the old adage, “what happens at law camp, stays at law camp.” For those of you who did attend law camp, I insist that any stories divulged in this article will not implicate you in any sort of crime or misconduct (although […]


Heavy Gigging

By Declan Fry Over the holidays, and during the first week of semester, I had the chance to check out a couple of shows. Here’s what went down. China Meets Melbourne/中国来到墨尔本 On Wednesday of the last holiday week I saw White+, Birdstriking and Carsick Cars at Collingwood’s The Tote. They belong to one of China’s […]