2020 LSS President’s Welcome

By Daniel Bennett-Spark

While you’re spending your time deciphering opaque judgments and searching in vain for the causative link between exam note colour-coding and guaranteed H1s, the purer forms of existence are inevitably laid to one side. 

The JD can feel utterly engulfing and, as the tendrils of jurisprudential thought begin to eke their way through your cerebral cortex, it can require a conscious effort to reacquaint yourself with your humanity. Purely Dicta is an invaluable opportunity to reactivate your erstwhile creativity and become inspired by your fellow students.

Passion. Suffering. Love. Art.

Films. Music. Cooking. Travel.

Purely Dicta is anything you want it to be.

On behalf of everyone at PD and the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society (LSS), I’d like to welcome you to the new year—both to our fresh-faced first-years and our seasoned senior students.

As President of the LSS, I’m stoked we’re producing another year of Purely Dicta. It’s one of the myriad of ways the LSS seeks to enrich your experience here at MLS. From PD and the Law Revue, to STS tutorials and Book Fairy, to Spring Social and Law Ball, the LSS is here to support your creative, academic and social experience here at MLS. In my year as President I oversee the functioning of the entire Society as well as being a focal point for discussions with, and advocacy to, faculty and the outside world. If you have any feedback, recommendations, questions or just want a chat, come say hi in the L2 office or email president@mulss.com.

This magazine is a fantastic addition to the cultural milieu here at MLS and is thanks to Chris and the PD team. Thanks, too, to everyone who contributed, everyone who will contribute and everyone who’s reading.

Lots of love,

Daniel Bennett-Spark
LSS President 2019-2020