Editor’s Note – Welcome Class of 2025

Welcome, it’s great to have you here with us at the Melbourne Law School.

We are the Editors of Purely Dicta, the official student publication of the Melbourne University Law Students Society. Purely Dicta is here to help you stay up to date with what’s happening in this giant, musky, and inexplicably horseshoe-shaped building. We’re sure you have all sorts of questions, so let us try to answer the most important ones for you right away. 

First, only two people can fit in each section of the revolving doors at a time. If you ignore this rule, you will very soon find out that if you accidentally bump the glass too hard, the door stops rotating, and it is very difficult to stop walking in time to avoid slamming one’s head into the now stationary glass divider.

Second, going to Stovetop Cafe instead of Seven Seeds does make you cool, edgy, and far more interesting than the run-of-the-mill JD student. One tip, don’t buy their sausage roll and bring it into level 3 of the library – it will make the entire floor smell like a roast dinner (not in a good way, trust us) and your friends will never look at you quite the same way ever again. 

Finally, no, nobody has figured out a way to tell people that you’re a law student without sounding pretentious. We would suggest telling them you are an aquarius and were destined to study law. There will be no follow up questions.

You are going to be inundated with information over the next few weeks about this club or that society, or some competition which everyone assures you will look amazing on your CV. We all want to do well in our first semester, and there is a temptation to perhaps sit back, get used to things, and maybe get involved in the Law School community later, maybe in second year. We’d like to join the chorus of people who will, over the next few weeks, encourage you to resist this temptation.

Get involved! Go to that social event that your LMR buddy asks you to attend. Put together a team for social netball. Sign up for a moot. Maybe even pitch an article to Purely Dicta. 

At PD, we have prepared a heap of content which will help you stay up to date with what is happening around MLS and in the broader community, so you can get involved wherever you are most interested. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check-in on our website from time to time to stay in touch with us.

We are so excited to see what you can do this year, and look forward to meeting you soon.

The EditorsTim Bamford, Lexus Anderson, Joe Aharfi, and Sara Young-Hemena.