Activities Plans for 2023

Torts readings getting you down? Procrastinating that 60-page Property judgement? Well, the 2023 Activities portfolio has you covered, with an amazing line-up of social events and activities planned for this semester and beyond (no networking required). 

Read on to find out what the Activities portfolio has in store for this year, and an answer to the age-old question: Should I go to Law Ball?

Introducing your Activities Directors

Your Activities Directors for 2023 are Hugo Miric and Richard Wotherspoon. Hugo and Richard are Second Year students, with Hugo acting as the first-year rep in 2022, and Richard helping out as Activities co-opt. Whether it’s a backyard barbeque, or a Law Ball attended by a thousand people and a performance by Timomatic, Hugo and Richard get almost too excited about putting together events for the MLS community.

Over the summer, the dynamic duo have been hard at work, planning events for everyone at LSS, including our precious, innocent, First-Years.

First-year Events during LMR

LMR can be a busy time. Being yelled at repeatedly about ‘ratio spotting’, writing two assessments in two weeks, and figuring out whether it’s okay to wear an outfit in week 2 that you wore in week 1? That’s a lot of stress. Luckily, Hugo and Richard have organised some killer events to keep you relaxed and stress-free.

First of all, you will soon meet your Pathfinders – Second and Third+ Year students who have signed on to show you the ropes and answer your questions during LMR. Each LMR stream will have different Pathfinders, who will organise events and catch-ups for your LMR stream so you can get acquainted without having to come up with a fun fact to share with the class. Stay in touch with your Pathfinders to find out what they’re planning.

On Thursday 9 February, the MULSS will be hosting a Bar Night at the Prince Alfred Hotel. Get your LMR stream together, head over to the PAs nice and early and secure one of those coveted booths on the rooftop before they’re gone.  

On Thursday 16 February, the MULSS will be celebrating the end of your very first JD subject! We’ll be heading over to Shanghai Village for food, drinks, and an event-wide ban on any discussion of statutory interpretation. 

Last, but certainly not least, the Activities team has been hard at work organising Law Camp, which is set for the weekend of the 24-26th of February. Look, it’s hard for me to crack any jokes about this one because I, along with just about everyone else at MLS, didn’t get to go to Law Camp due to Covid. That said, it’s 100+ stressed-out law students heading down to the beach with all the alcohol that the bottle-shop would legally allow us to carry out of the store. What could go wrong? 

In all seriousness, the Camp is set to be an amazing weekend and if you’re on the fence, or maybe can’t convince your LMR buddies to go with you, just sign up anyway! The Activities Team have meticulously planned the weekend to help you connect with your peers and set you up for a great first semester. 

General Events in Semester One

Semester 1 will include a range of events that include Second and Third+ year students as well!

All students should keep an eye out for ‘Welcome Back’ events for your respective cohort, which will be announced very soon. Log out of Linkedin, repress all memories of your January clerkships, and head on down to catch up with your lovely peers. 

All students are welcome to get involved with some long-standing social and sporting activities organised by the LSS. The weekly Saturday mixed netball competition is internationally recognised as the peak sporting competition for sleep-deprived graduate students, and the RunClub is being revamped this year for the early risers out there. Keep an eye out for announcements about those initiatives.

The highlight of Sem 1 is definitely the Autumn Social. Cocktail dress, canapes, and dancing are on the agenda, which make the Autumn Social an event not to be missed. Tickets will go on sale during semester 1 and, be warned, they’ll sell out quickly. 

Should I go to Law Ball?

Yes. Set your alarms and prepare to hit F5 to secure that golden ticket to the biggest night of the MLS calendar. Nothing further. 

If you have any questions about activities, feel free to drop Hugo or Richard a line via Facebook, or via email at