International Law @MLS – Join the Global Law Students Association!

Did you spend your Summer obsessing over the Melbourne Law School’s global learning opportunities? Do you want to find out about learning and career opportunities in transnational law? Are you still a little unsure about what international law actually is

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, the Global Law Students Association [GLSA] will be your hub for all matters relating to international legal opportunities during your JD studies. Read on to find out more about what the GLSA has planned for 2023, and how you can get involved.

What is the GLSA?

The GLSA is the Melbourne Law School’s only student society with a solely international focus, and aims to provide its members and the broader MLS community with the opportunity to engage with the weird, complicated and exciting world of international law. 

GLSA members include a mixture of first, second and third+ year students, and organise a variety of events throughout the year that give students an opportunity to meet people outside of their JD cohort, including students, early career professionals and even notable practitioners or academics in the field of international law. 

The GLSA also aims to help international students at MLS get involved with the law school and engage with opportunities that are relevant to them. The GLSA has a dedicated International Student Liaison team, which plans dedicated activities and events with the international student community in mind. 

What’s in it for me? 

The GLSA works closely with international sponsor firms, and notable legal practitioners, and provides its members with the opportunity to network and learn from world-leaders in transnational legal practice. 

Te GLSA publishes the Global Careers Guidebook in Semester 1; a must-read booklet which outlines information about the GLSA local and international sponsor firms to inform students about the broad range of professional opportunities available, and help them succeed in their applications. 

The Association also organises popular professional events throughout the year, including their hallmark ‘Night with HR’, held during the beginning of Semester 2, where students have an opportunity to ask questions about clerkship opportunities, graduate positions, and find out about other tips and tricks. Students are able to ask these questions directly to human resources professionals working at International firms, making this an event that is not to be missed! 

In between professional events, the GLSA holds frequent social events, where students can take a break and unwind with like-minded students from a range of diverse backgrounds.

Belle, the current Executive Director of the GSLA, told Purely Dicta that getting involved with the Association as a first-year student allowed her to develop the various ‘soft skills’ that go toward kicking off a successful career in law, such as ‘learning how to communicate professionally, network and manage her time independently.’ Belle also explained that the GLSA helped her meet new people who were at various different stages of their JD studies, which she found ‘really helpful in understanding subjects, careers opportunities, the clerkship process, the best way to do legal research, and the age-old question – ‘should I go to law ball?’ 

Whether you are after professional networking opportunities, social events or just want to get more involved in the MLS, the GLSA has opportunities ready for you!

How can I get involved? 

No matter how much (or how little) time you have to offer, there are all sorts of ways for you to get involved with the GSLA.

The Association elects co-opts early in Semester 1, who help with the day-to-day operation of the Association. As a co-opt, you might liaise with firms to help create the Careers Guidebook, or help the events team put together social activities for your classmates. Keep an eye on the GLSA’s Facebook page and Instagram to find out how to become a co-opt this coming semester. 

If you can’t commit to a position as a co-opt, that’s okay! You can stay up to date with what the GSLA is up to, and attend their events throughout the semester, by following their social media channels and signing up as a member.