Refugee advocacy @MLS – Join Law Students for Refugees!

What is LSFR?

Learning about the legal justification for Australia’s treatment of refugees can be one of the most frustrating aspects of getting a legal education. Australia has a long history of mistreating those who exercise their right to seek asylum, and our legal system has largely supported the Commonwealth’s efforts in doing so. In response, a group of MLS students started LSFR.

Law Students for Refugees (‘LSFR’) is a student organisation which allows Australian law students to take a stand against the unjust treatment of people who seek asylum in Australia. The organisation provides students with a way to get involved in a cause that has real-world implications, and make a difference in the lives of some of society’s most vulnerable members. 

What do LSFR do?

LSFR are a tight-knit community, and getting involved will mean that you work in small groups to achieve big things in the field of refugee and asylum seeker reform. Expect a range of events from the team at LSFR this year, which will aim to educate students on important issues in the field, and provide students with an opportunity to connect with volunteering opportunities at organisation who assist refugees in Australia. 

Throughout the year, LSFR host panel discussions with notable practitioners in the field of asylum seeker and refugee law. These discussions will give you an idea of the current issues facing people who seek asylum, from individuals who have dedicated their careers to helping them achieve justice. Attending these panel events also gives students an opportunity to understand how they can build a career in the field of refugee advocacy.

LSFR also provides assistance to their members in finding work and volunteer opportunities in the field of refugee law. There are a myriad of organisations who conduct such work in Australia, and LSFR has the inside scoop on which organisations have available positions, and how to apply. Make sure you stay in touch with LSFR to keep up to date with when these opportunities become available. 

When asked why students should get involved with LSFR, the organisation’s president, Susannah Wells, said that her work with LSFR has allowed her to “keep in mind the human impact of cruel laws and refugee policies which detrimentally impact people who have been forced to flee their home countries. This motivates me to go on and work as an advocate. It has also helped me to develop my advocacy and teamwork skills which will be invaluable as I go on to work in community law.”

How do I get involved?

The best way to stay up to date with what LSFR has planned is to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. LSFR regularly post with event updates, employment and volunteer opportunities, and information about how to get involved with the operation of LSFR. 

LSFR regularly work on groundbreaking projects related to the advocacy of refugees and asylum seekers, including making submissions to Parliament, publishing research articles, and producing blog posts to inform the wider community. To get involved in these projects, get in contact with LSFR via their email.