2019 LSS President’s Welcome: Hannah Gordon

From Purely Dicta and all of the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society (the ‘LSS’), I would like to wish a huge welcome for our new first year cohort and a just as large welcome back for those continuing their JD!

It is with great pleasure that I write this introduction to the one and only Purely Dicta! For those who have just begun (or have been focusing far too much on study) Purely Dicta is the LSS’s own magazine run by and for students of MLS.

Throughout our studies, due to the time commitments and demands placed upon us, most of us find ourselves limiting our identity and defining ourselves as ‘a law student’. Purely Dicta provides an opportunity to reflect upon your full identity and to expand your self-definition. This publication is a chance for all law students to express their creative side. Be it photography, gardening, poetry, illustration or refugee rights, whatever your passion, Purely Dicta would love to hear from you and provide a platform for you to express yourself.

Just like Purely Dicta, everything the LSS does is aimed to support and enhance your time at MLS. Please never hesitate to get in touch with us and have your say regarding issues in the law school or provide feedback on what we are doing. We want to do the best job we can to enrich your experience and we can’t do that without hearing your thoughts. Our office is on level 2 and the door is always open (almost literally) and I am always accessible at president@mulss.com.

Purely Dicta is what you make of it and I cannot wait to see what is created this year.

All the best,

Hannah Gordon

LSS President 2018–2019

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