Entertainment law @MLS – Join FAME!

Law and the arts aren’t quite the strangers you may think they are. If you want to balance legal reasoning with creative expression, FAME might just be the MLS association for you. The acronym stands for Film, Arts, Media, and Entertainment Law Students’ Association. As the name suggests, the aim of FAME is to help build student engagement with lawyers and legal professionals who work within creative sectors, and to promote the importance of the arts. Read on to find out about FAME’s plans for 2023, and how you can get involved.

What does FAME do?

FAME hosts a bunch of events throughout the year. These include lectures, panels, skills workshops, networking events and even art excursions. Some of the more fabled initiatives include FAME’s podcast, ‘The Brief’, its annual competition ‘The FAME Game’, and its two publications: ‘FAME LSA Careers Guide’ and ‘Influential Changemakers.’ In 2023, be sure to look out for the second installment of FAME’s very popular ‘Young Lawyers Panel.’ This will feature recently graduated lawyers working within creative fields to discuss their early experiences in the legal profession. Also keep your eyes peeled for FAME’s annual lecture on Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property.

What’s in it for me?

Given all the initiatives and events mentioned above, it’s no surprise that FAME is one of the most popular student associations in the law school. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a student testimony about the benefits of being part of FAME:

“Being involved in FAME has inspired me to reconnect with my creative side and explore how I can integrate my passions with my study. Working with the team to deliver exciting projects and opportunities to students has been such a fulfilling experience. Through FAME, I have found a wonderful group of friends with whom I see myself collaborating with for many years to come!” – Amy Gallichio

How do I get involved?

There are three ways to become involved with FAME – by becoming a member, applying as an Ambassador or nominating to be a Director.

Members don’t need to help run the club – but being one grants entry to all events and allows you to be involved in other member-exclusive initiatives so that you’re kept in the loop with all of FAME’s projects. It also allows you to enter any of the association’s competitions, giveaways, and reimbursement schemes.

Ambassadors give a helping hand in the running of FAME. As an Ambassador, you would also be encouraged to spearhead your own initiatives and are given the autonomy to do so. Last year, one of our Ambassadors, Tanvi, hosted her own lunchtime workshop, discussing the legal complexities of NFTs with renowned Arts Lawyers Alana Kushnir.

FAME Directors are the captains of this ship – they are in charge of the planning, organising and execution of their portfolio and its initiatives. Directors are encouraged to dream big, create a unique vision for their role and shape the portfolio as they wish. There are three portfolios to choose from – Careers, which focuses on promoting career pathways which combine the arts and law. Communications, which involves managing FAME’s social media, creating graphics, implementing branding initiatives and designing our publications.

Make sure you follow FAME on Facebook, and keep an eye out for events on the JD 2023 Facebook page!

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