Lawyers without Borders @ MLS -Join LWOB!

Many of us at law school, in and amongst the strict rules and regulations of law that we studiously immerse ourselves in, turn our minds to the future and the larger role we may play in the world as lawyers. Lawyers without Borders (like the more well-known but less cool Doctors without Borders) urges law students and lawyers to lean into this question and explore avenues of legal service to the community and the world at large. 

Melbourne Law School’s Student Division of Lawyers without Borders (LWOB-MLS) is the very first to be established in Australia and joins a global network of Divisions. Its goal is to cultivate and protect access to justice for those who are marginalized.

The aims of the club are below:

Club Aims

  1. To foster a deep culture of pro bono amongst law students before they enter the profession.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to engage in Rule of Law oriented activities.
  3. To create an environment for the discussion and debate of legally-oriented human rights needs.
  4. To establish a community of lawyers and law students passionate about using the law for the public good.

Read on to find out more about what LWOB has planned for 2023 and how to get involved.

What kind of events does LWOB run? 

In its first year back in person, LWOB is looking forward to holding a number of events and activities, including: 

  • Networking events
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Film screening events 
  • Partaking in community projects

What are some of the benefits and time commitments of joining LWOB? 

Joining LWBO is a great way to meet like-minded people, make meaningful connections, gain practical legal experience, and as an added bonus, it looks great on your CV when you apply for internships and clerkships!

Being a member of LWOB is a low time commitment, with monthly meetings via Zoom just to connect and make sure all is on track. When there are events around the corner, meetings may 

increase in frequency just for that time period, but otherwise, LWOB requires very little time out of your busy schedule! 

How can a student become involved in LWOB? 

You can become a member of LWOB by registering through the UMSU website HERE! It is, of course, free and only takes a minute.

You can also follow LWOB’s socials to keep updated with events and activities here for both Facebook and Instagram 

If you have any questions at all, you can get in contact via LWOB’s email:

Applications for co-opt and committee positions are currently open! Check out position descriptions on LWOB’s Facebook or Instagram page and apply if interested. 

LWOB is also holding its SGM on the 13th March at 7:00pm. See the Facebook event page here for details.

On a final note…

Finally, LWOB President Saranjah Indumathy provides a personal reflection on how LWOB has been beneficial to both her professional and personal life: 

“I actually got my part time job as a legal assistant thanks to a committee member who told me her firm was looking and she recommended me. I had no legal background so I was in desperate need of a legal oriented job. I also got to make new buddies, as someone who studied completely remotely since I began JD it was hard to meet people.”

If LWOB sounds like something you’d be interested in, reach out and get involved! 

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