Faces Behind the Law: Native Title — Question 1

In an attempt to provide a platform for the voices that get lost within the black letter law, we decided to depart from our traditional form of written articles through our series ‘Faces Behind The Law’.

We chose to begin by focusing on the topic of Native Title and are very grateful to have interviewed a diverse group of people who have all been affected by Native Title claims in some way. We hope to spark respectful discussion and offer an important insight into the lived experience of law, beyond what we are exposed to in the classroom.

For our first instalment, we asked our interviewees:
What does land mean to you personally, or to your community, and how do you think this is different to Western perspectives of land?

Dr Wayne Atkinson: Senior Fellow, Yorta Yorta Elder and Key Claimant

Lidia Thorpe: Activist and Former Politician

Tiriki Onus: Head of the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development

Tony Kelly: CEO of First Nations Legal and Research Services &
Luke Hockey: Senior Native Title Lawyer

Lauren Gower: Tutor in Indigenous Arts and Culture

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